Training school on PET-SPECT-MR reconstruction

We are delighted to announce the training school on PET-SPECT-MR Image Reconstruction on Sunday 19th of May, organised by the CCP SyneRBI team. The school will cover basic principles of the physics behind the acquisition process and image reconstruction methods used for PET and SPECT, with specific information on the challenges for Total Body PET. We will also briefly cover MR aspects. The school will include practical sessions with the Open Source software Synergistic Image Reconstruction Framework (SIRF).

The school will consist of a set of short lecture-style presentations followed by project-based work using SIRF (in Python). Planned projects include Long Axial FOV PET reconstruction issues, Joint Activity and Attenuation estimation, Machine Learning for basic inverse problems, and Synergistic Reconstruction for PET/SPECT/MR. Participants will be expected to get basic familiarity with image reconstruction, SIRF and Python beforehand. Appropriate training material will be distributed before the school.

School organiser

Prof. Kris Thielemans (University College London) with assistance by Prof. Giancarlo Sportelli (University of Pisa) for local arrangements.


Dr. Nikos Efthimiou (MGH, USA), Dr. Christoph Kolbitsch (PTB, Germany), Prof. Georg Schramm (KU Leuven, Belgium), Prof. Kris Thielemans (University College London, UK).

Registration information

Registration for the school is required via the conference registration form. Participation is subject to availability, so please register early. During checkout you will be asked to provide a few details on your background and motivation for attending the school.

The school is sponsored by CCP SyneRBI and free for all attendees. As during the conference, lunch for Saturday 18th of May is covered by the conference registration while breakfast and dinner are covered by your payment for the conference hotel (see the instructions for the conference).

In addition, CCP SyneRBI can refund travel costs and two hotel nights (maximum rate as advertised for Scaglieri Village) for school attendees who have an affiliation to a UK institution or are based in the UK and self-funded. After registering, please email (subject line: PSMRTBP travel grant) a brief statement to with details on your institution and why you will attend the school, signed by yourself and your supervisor or line manager. Travel and two night hotel will be refunded after attending the school.